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To repair a flat roof means to restore functionality to the roof, reinforce the flat roof
waterproofing and insulation properties and prevent overall damage to the roof over time. This
does not mean immediately tearing off all the layers of the flat roof, especially without analysis
of the causes of damage. Some parts of the flat roof can serve as a substrate for the new layers.

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The first step to repairing a flat roof is to recognize the state of roof the and identify the cause of
any flat roof leaks. Revealing the space under the flat roof does not always show faulty or
damaged waterproofing. Flat roof leaks can also stem from errors resulting from building physics
or mistakes made ​​in the construction (drains, pipes, etc.) A flat roof can be installed with the
highest quality materials, but if poorly constructed – temperature changes, weather and debris
will lead to corrosion, damaged insulation, ridging, blistering, alligatoring and other common flat
roof problems. Age catches up with all of us! Our commercial and residential roof maintenance
plans can extend the service life of your flat roof and prevent future leaks, saving you money in
overall repair and maintenance costs.

Our Flat Roof Repair Services include but not limited to

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Toronto Roof Repair is a family-based business serving the Toronto and GTA roofing market. With
over 10 years of combined experience in shingled and flat roofing for residential and
commercial applications, we are proud of our history of delivering customer satisfaction in an
industry that’s difficult to trust. You can email or call us to get free estimate.

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Our Clients Reviews

Julia Woodgreen
Julia Woodgreen
We had some leaky issue from the roof. This company resoveld it quickly with a reasonable price.
Yokub Abdulloev
Yokub Abdulloev
Happy with the service.
Shuja Khalid
Shuja Khalid
Did a great job on my roof and chimney repairs. Fast, responsive and good quality materials used. Would definitely recommend.
Felipe Hernández
Felipe Hernández
After searching for different companies to have my roof repaired i decided to go with top roof repair. The price was very reasonable and the quality of work is immaculate. They are very thorough with their explanations as i had many questions and they take before and after pictures to show their work. If you se looling for a trusted company Top Roof Repair is the one.
Ester Honrada
Ester Honrada
Just had my roof repaired by Top Roof Repair. I am very satisfied with the job and service done with professional roofer. Zak did an amazing job. If you are looking for responsiveness, honesty, quality of work and fair pricing give Zak a call. I am very satisfied....From Ellen
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